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Make Me Mobile (Australia)

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We are DGR approved by the ATO

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Original GoFundMe Video

Peter White made this GoFundMe video 6 weeks after suffering a stroke and while he was at home recovering.  It was made to help raise the cost for setting up the charity.

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An Introduction to Make Me Mobile

Peter White, Founder of Make Me Mobile talks about why he set up the charity and how there is a great need in the Australian community for it.  He speaks of his hopes and ambitions for the charity.

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Podcast Interview with Brad Williams OT from South Australia

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About Our Charity

We fund raise to provide wheelchair access vehicles to NDIS clients who could not otherwise afford them.

It doesn't matter what caused your disability,

if your are approved by NDIS for a vehicle modification, then Make Me Mobile Charity will be happy to consider your application for a fully funded vehicle. 

To be an eligible child (Under 18), the parents/carers must have a combined income under $100,000.

Cases where income is below $120,000 will be considered.

(Additional T&C's apply).

If you are an adult (18+) the cut of for your income is $60,000.  See the application process for more detail.

Please help spread the word about the Make Me Mobile Charity.

Encourage others to visit our website or watch our videos on YouTube and TikTok

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Our Fundraiser

Go Fund Me 

Make Me Mobile Charity raises funds to provide wheelchair accessible vans to eligible NDIS families throughout Australia. 

Our current GoFundMe is aimed at raising $1,100,000 to purchase 20 Wheelchair accessible vans and give them to Australian families who need them but could not afford to buy them .  

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If you would like to donate to our GoFundMe click the button above.  Thankyou for your support!

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Our Vision

To enable more families greater mobility, independent access and community connection

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Facilitating Greater Mobility and Community Connection

Volunteer Group

Relieving Burdens

Collecting Money

Positive Experiences

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Contact Us

PO BOX 7187
East Albury NSW 2640

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42 654 450 816


42 654 450 816

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