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Collect Can's and bottles for Make Me Mobile!

Donate the money raised in our Can's 4 Vans Account to Help Australian Families 

Craft Beer
Separating Waste
Collecting Money

Collect Can's and Bottles

Return them to a recycling center near you!

Put the funds raised in our Can's 4 Vans Account.
Account Details on the Home Page!


Our first AGM

Meeting Held at RSM Albury

On Saturday the 8th of October at 564 David St Albury Make Me Mobile held our first AGM.  Peter White CEO of Make Me Mobile signing off the Financial Statement for our first year as a charity.

Great day out in the Community

Letting people know what we are about


Photos with Max

They had some people take the opportunity to have there photo with Maxaminion to support the Charity.  They were very grateful for our charity efforts.  The photos were taken on their devices so we don't have them to share.


If you would like to help our clients the best way is to make a donation to our GoFundMe where we are aiming to raise $1.1 Million Dollars for our first 20 vans.  Your contribution is very appreciated!



Support our charity by purchasing on of our shirts for $50 from our website shop.  The charity don't make much from you purchase but you will be helping spread the word by wearing our shirt in public.

Tumba Fest 2023.

25th and 26th of February


Northeast food and wine Festival

Our first Market Stall on the 29th of October 2022


Junction Square Wodonga

Great Community Exposure


Jake, Maxaminion & Peter hanging out together


Photo's with Max

Join the Cause

The Charity needed a donations box to have at the markets.  Peter and a colleague found a gas cylinder in the scrap bin at work and that same colleague gave him the idea to make Max.  Thanks Dave!  So Peter used his Boilermaker Skills to put Maxaminion together out of mostly scrap material.  Even the stand came from the scrap bin.  Peters daughter Mackenzie painted him up and he has a pair of kids overalls on to cover up.  He also wears a charity cap which are for sale in our website shop.

Community Awareness.

We had great position to help raise awareness as to what we are about!  Max Collected $198 in donations and Keyring sales over the two days!  Well done Maxaminion. 


Out in the community

Talking to people about our purpose.



Albury Farmers Market

On the Lincoln Causeway 17/06/2023


Freedom Motors Information

& Make Me Mobile Flyers



Merchandise and Easy Donate Cards