Signing Contract

Application Process


Any NDIS Client who has been approved for vehicle modification funding from the NDIS, can make an application for van funding with Make Me Mobile provided that the NDIS clients Parents or Carers do not:

* earn More than $100,000/annum between them

* earn up to $120,000 between them will be considered but less likely

* the NDIS Client does not earn < $25K by any means

* own a company or business

* own any investment properties, shares or crypto currency

* own any other assets/liabilities that could be sold to help finance a van

Once a Van Grant application has been approved by Make Me Mobile, the client and Parents/Carers/Guardians will agree to our terms and conditions (View Terms and Conditions in Supporting Documents) before signing the contract for the purchase of the vehicle.  These Terms and Conditions include a condition that Make Me Mobile will have first option to buy back the vehicle should the client for some reason no longer require it. 

The van purchase timeline will depend on when the client applied to Make Me Mobile, agrees to our Terms and Conditions, Signs the vehicle contract, authorizes the NDIS deposit to the Modifier, the time it takes KIA to supply the vehicle strait to the modifier and the time it takes Freedom to do the Modification.  These elements are always changing.