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Lets start with our Story

Our Story

Peter White, founding father of Make Me Mobile Charity Limited, recognized the need for the charity due to his family's experience advocating to help his son Lachlan maintain as much independence and community integration as possible.  Knowing what a difference a mobility van has made to his family's quality of life - especially Lachlan's - has inspired Peter to become an advocate for other families in need.

Since coming up with the idea for the charity in December 2020, Peter suffered a stroke, but that set-back has only fueled his determination to see Make Me Mobile Charity become a leading supporter of needy under-resourced NDIS families.

Since formally founding the Charity in September 2021, Peter has:

* established a board to oversee the Charity's management

* set up the policies and procedures and administrative systems

*scrutinised initial mobility grant applications and selected the first four van recipient and

* driven the funding drive to pay for the purchase of Make Me Mobile's first vehicle donation

* each van costs around $55,000

* currently just over $31,345.05 has been raised towards the first vehicle purchase

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DONATE NOW to help Make Me Mobile Charity's recipient access greater mobility and their communities.

Start collecting cans and bottles and donate the refund to

Cans 4 Vans

First recipient Info Coming Soon
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Now we want to hear your Story

Your Story

Make Me Mobile Charity (MMMC) are building a YouTube Channel to build and connect our community of MMMC friends and family and we would love to hear from you.  We invite you to share with us your stories in a short video.  Some ideas are,

What are the issues you are facing?

What is a day in your life like?

What having your own wheelchair-accessible vehicle would mean to you and your family?

What is something that you have accomplished that you would like to share?


Please contact us by email if you have a story that you wish to share.  

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